FOSS4G 2007 Budget

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The FOSS4G 2007 budget document is private, but available on request from Paul Ramsey for OSGeo officers, or conference committee members. It is private because several of the contracts are under non-disclosure. This page attempts to summarize some major aspects of the budget to give folks a sense of the budget.

All amounts are in Canadian Dollars, approximately 87.5 cents US.

Registration Rates

Early Bird

  • Conference and Workshop: Canadian $575
  • Conference: $395
  • Daily Rate: $185
  • Student Rate: $225

After Early Bird

  • Conference and Workshop: $820
  • Conference: $565
  • Daily Rate: $265
  • Student Rate: $325


The budget is predicated on collecting $100,000 in sponsorship and exhibition income. The sponsorship program prospectus is available at .


These are based on a projected attendance of 550 people.

  • Admin/Office Supplies: $9011
  • Marketing: $37775
  • Committee/Speaker Costs: $10600
  • Facilities Management other: $163000
  • Food, Beverages and Events: $105270

Overall budget is projected to be $351709 CAD ($311247 USD), and is approximately balanced.