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This page is for organising and documenting all non-workshop activities for the morning and afternoon of 3 Oct and other times where available.


!!!!!!Volunteers needed!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 26th September

Day course on open source applications

  • Honours and postgraduate students welcome
  • Day event in the Geomatics computer lab @ UCT
  • Presenter: Martin Dresen from Germany

Course contents: Morning session

  • 1. Introduction to Open Source GIS
  • 2. Introduction to Webmapping
  • 3. Open Layers

After Lunch

  • 4. UMN Mapserver


  • Alize Botha :
  • Dr Julian Smith :

Sunday 28 September

SESSION 1. Street Mapping Party in and around Cape Town

OpenStreetMap will be running a ‘Mapping Party’ in the streets of Cape Town which involves walking / cycling / driving with a GPS and editing and uploading your tracks to the free, public This promises to be lots of fun and you will also be working towards something useful.

  • Date: Sunday 29 September
  • Meet at: TBA
  • Start time: Morning
  • Duration: All Day
  • Lunch : To be self organised
  • Required equipment : There will be GPS's and Laptops
  • What to bring with : GPS if delegates have one
  • Contact: Mikel Maron :
  • !! Volunteers needed: to tell teachers about GPS, the street mapping project, and to help with the exercise.!!

Planning and details at: and

Friday 3 October 2008 - morning

SESSION 2. Mapping and GIS Options

2 computer labs of 20 people + classrooms

  • Session 1 : 8h30-10h30h Hands-on exposure to GIS by the J-Grass team using uDig
  • or QGIS session
  • Session 2 : 11h-13h Map Aware session by CDSM
  • Session 3 : 9h-12h Hands-on Google earth session by Ed Parsons from Google
  • Session 4 : 14h-15h30 Hands-on exposure to ArcView by NSIF
  • Date: Friday 3 October
  • Venue: Trafalgar High School, address, District Six
  • Start time: 8h30 am
  • Finish time: 15h30pm
  • Duration: all day with different sessions to choose from
  • Contact: Avis Smith - / 0832439724

or Alize Botha -

SESSION 3. Outdoor event to learn about GPS in the Rondevlei Nature Reserve

Practical use of GIS technology in nature that includes working with a GPS, marking and finding points, observing wetland bird and looking at data collected previously using GIS software. This is an opportunity to see what how GIS can be applied in real life. GPS will be provided but bring your own if you have.

  • Date: Friday 3 October
  • Venue: Rondevlei Nature Reserve, Fisherman’s Walk Road, Zeekoivlei
  • Start time: 9am
  • Start time: 13.00
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Max Number: 20
  • Book with: Bronwen Foster

Environmental Education Officer

  • Tel.: 021 706 2404, Fax: 021 706 2405
  • Email:
  • Entrance Fee: R6.00 per adult
  • !!Volunteers welcome. to assist Bronwen with showing teachers how to use GPS and see RondeVlei Reserve.!!

Friday afternoon 3 October

Independent Schools of South Africa, Geography Teachers Conference

Workshop with demos and talks from international guest of how GIS is being used in other countries, also local input that will help teachers here teach GIS

  • Venue: Biships Boys School, Rondebosch, Cape Town
  • Session 1: 14h00 - 15h30 Nico Elema from Globalimage
  • Session 2: 15h30 - 17h00 Street Mapping guys with GPS demo
  • Presentation : Hands-on demo with MapWindow, discussion on GIS in Education and live demo with GPS's
  • Contact : John Lanser -, Shawn Lezar -, Alize Botha -
  • 24 PC's available

Technical Visits

For final technical visit programme see FOSS4G2008_Workshops_and_Technical_Visits

These are just working notes below.

Monday morning

Option 1

  • Visit to the Chief Directorate Surveys and Mapping
  • Monday 29th September 2008: 8h30-12h00
  • Conference delegates to gather 8h15 at the CTICC.
  • 20 delegates and 1 volunteer

The tour will take the delegates through how the Chief Directorate Surveys and Mapping operates.

The following areas will be covered:

  • Image Acquisition and Field Surveying
  • Trignet - permanent GPS base stations
  • Data Extraction and Manipulation
  • Geospatial Data Management
  • Cartographic Production

Friday morning

Option 1

  • Visit to the Institute for Satellite and Software Applications
  • Friday 3rd October 2008: 8h00-12h30
  • Conference delegates to gather 7h50 at the CTICC.
  • Bus departing at 8h00
  • 20 delegates and 1 volunteer

The tour will take the delegates through their facilities and explain their role in the South African space program.

Option 2

  • Visit to Delheim - Wine Estate GIS
  • Friday 3rd October 2008: 13h00-17h30
  • Conference delegates to gather 12h50at the CTICC.
  • Bus departing at 13h00
  • 40 delegates and 1 volunteer

Francois Knight from Agri Informatic will present an interesting presentation on how GIS is used in the wine industry. This will be followed by a wine tasting and tour of the farm.

Other activities

  • student competition a la GeoWeb 2008?
  • school competition?