FOSS4G 2008 Media Facilities

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This page is for details of print shops, DVD/CD replication facilities, etc. that participants in FOSS4G 2008 might need.

Coordinator: Burnie Nawn Tel. No. (011) 773 1682 Cell No. 072 134 5352 Fax No. 086 613 2741 E-mail:

Burning LiveDVDs and printing workshop and lab notes are the main purpose so far.

FOSS4G 2008 participants are welcome to use these services on the recommendation of the LOC.

The LOC will, by arrangement, organise printing and DVD burning provided materials are supplied in time.

For workshop and lab presenters, we now DO have a budget to cover moderate printing costs.

Please contact Burnie above with all enquiries.

CD / DVD facilities

  • Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping: Heindrich du Plessis

Has a 100-CD burner which is available space-permitting.

  • Tyler found these guys:

Page 6 has a good special for 100 discs R8.57 each. Black only printing on disc and paper sleeve. Or increase to R10.73 for full colour in a clear envelope.

  • Tim Bowden found these guys:

So far I've lined up who would need the disk by Thursday morning.

Print shops

  • These guys are right across the street and are very reliable :
Minuteman Press Cape Town - +27 21 421 2020 

Printing arrangements for workshop and lab presenters

Graeme has just negotiated with my organisation (Meraka) to support some printing costs (= to appx 1000 USD).

We will create an 'account' at a print shop very close to the CTICC.

The rules:

2 pages to a sheet double-sided black and white Attach a cover page (I will ensure the template is available there)

I know this is not absolutely ideal, but will certainly help some!

Best bet is to make sure your desired printing is made available at the ftp site (if you have not done so already) - *******/******* - then navigate to your Lab or workshop code, and pop the material in the 'printing' folder

We will endeavour to make sure the printing is done well before your workshop/lab, but as these events are spread across the week, we will prioritise (time-wise), and then have a volunteer through the week to help you get your material printed.