FOSS4G 2008 Timeline

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Important dates and deadlines leading up to FOSS4G2008

bold = date fixed

  • May 23: Deadline for submission of abstracts (was 12 May)
  • May 23: Deadline for submission of workshop proposals (was 30 April)
  • June 6: Notification of acceptance of workshops and labs - workshop subcommittee
  • June 6: Technical visit offerings finalised - Alize
  • June 17: Notification of acceptance of abstracts
  • June 20: Early-bird registration closes
  • June 23: Announcement that workshops, visits and outreach activities are now on offer and those who have already registered for the full conference package have first choice. Thereafter they are first-come-first-served. PeopleSA to have this list and manage who has booked for what.
  • June 24: Hold on hotels for FOSS4G specials is lifted. Hotels need to be paid by 27th to be secured. Specials will still be on offer after that but only if rooms are available.
  • June 30: Exhibitor early-bird pricing closes.
  • June 30: Poster abstract submission deadline
  • July 1: Draft programme
  • July 21: Notification of acceptance of posters
  • August 18: Deadline for submission of presentation / papers for the proceedings
  • August 22: Review programme and synchronisation
  • August 22: Compiled CD proceedings
  • August 22: Deadline for registration and payment by workshop, lab and paper presenters, as well as poster presenters who have submitted their posters for the Proceedings. The only presenters where payment will be accepted later are poster presenters who are not in the Proceedings, as posters are not listed in the Programme.
  • August 29: Print ready programme
  • August 29: Proceedings review
  • September 15: Proceedings ready for printing
  • September 28: Online registration closes
  • September 16-28: Late registration period
  • September 28 - Oct 3: Onsite registration open. FOSS4G 2008!