FOSS4G 2009 Committee

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Sub-Committee Members

Mark Leslie
Jeff McKenna


(make sure public facing dates are added to FOSS4G_2009_Schedule as well.

September 29
Printing material cutoff.
Deadline for workshop directory material
Install workshop directory material

Preconference Tasks

  • Determine/publicise a recommended print agency for materials we don't cover.
  • Determine/publicise a recommended CD/DVD production agency.

Onsite Tasks

  • Verify boot of machines before first workshop.
  • Verify machines are running / kill new processes between workshops.
  • Support last-minute changes.
  • Takedown of machines to make room for installfest.


I have verified that we are permitted to have Workshop Volunteers. I will collect a list of names and they will be given generic name badges for the day. They will not be fed, they will be seated under heat lamps, water will be rationed.

It's also worth looking at FOSS4G 2009 Workshop Computer Setup.