FOSS4G 2009 Meeting 2008-07-02 (Sponsorship and Exhibition Meeting)

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FOSS4G Sponsorship Action Notes

In attendance:

Committee: Cameron Shorter (CS), Bruce Bannerman (BB), Jeff McKenna (JM), Simon Hope

Tour Hosts (TH): Denisa Adamova, Janelle Driscoll, Samantha Cronan – Sponsorship and Exhibition Manager, Kirsty O’Brien - Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales Representative

CS - to set up a private Wiki. Any finical information relating to the Conference will go on the private Wiki (by 11 July) BB - to send Tour Hosts the tender document which has all sponsorship and exhibition information (by 11 July)

TH - to post questions form the marketing and sponsorship questionnaire on Wiki (by 11 July)

All – to find out from 2008 organisers how much sponsorship and exhibition sold to date (by 11 July)

TH – once TH reviews the original tender document and will get some answers from the 2008 organisers, TH will create Sponsorship hierarchy and post it on private Wiki (by 18 July)

All – to comment on the Sponsorship hierarchy (by 25 July)

TH – to review the sponsorship hierarchy and post final version on Wiki (by 1 August)

All – final version of the Sponsorship hierarchy to be approved (by 8 August)

TH - to start drafting the Sponsorship and exhibition document (by 22 August)

TH – to post the Sponsorship and exhibition document on Wiki (by 22 August)

All – to comment on the Sponsorship document (by 29 August)

TH – to amend any comments to the Sponsorship and exhibition document (by 5 September)

All - Sponsorship document to be approved (by 12 September)