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FOSS4G 2009 Conference

Dates Venue www. ‘User driven’

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FOSS4G is heralded as the international "gathering of tribes" of open source geospatial communities, where developers and users show off their latest software and projects. The theme for 2009 "User Driven", reflects the migrating focus on users and integration of geospatial components into systems. The spatial industry is undergoing rapid innovations and the open source spatial community is one of the forces driving the change. It also highlights the power of Open Source to solve business problems.

Host City

Sydney, a dazzling and vibrant cosmopolitan city built around one of the world's most beautiful harbours. Sydney has a wide range of attractions including art galleries, museums, theatres, opera and music as well as parks, gardens, sparkling beaches and the harbourside Taronga Zoo. Sydney's restaurants reflect the multicultural diversity with an exemplary choice in all cuisines. Why not try surfing at our glorious beaches, or sailing on our magnificent harbour. For more information about Sydney’s attractions go to the website

Who should attend the FOSS4G 2009 Conference?

Geospatial professionals including:

• Geospatial technical opinion leaders • Developers of geospatial softwares (exploring new tools and techniques for building spatial applications) • Managers interested in how open source is being put to practical use around the world • Companies looking to connect with open source communities and align their development with open source trends • Users of geospatial softwares seeking a more collaborative relationship with their tools and the people who make them

Trade Exhibition and Sponsorship

A comprehensive trade exhibition will be held in conjunction with the Conference. The exhibition will cover a wide range of products and services in the field of geospatial and open source software. Any companies wishing to participate as a sponsor or promote their products/services within the trade exhibition, are encouraged to contact the Conference Managers on + 61 2 9265 0700 or

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in attending the FOSS4G 2009 Conference and would like further information, go to the website and complete the online expression of interest form.

FOSS4G 2009 Conference Managers Tour Hosts Pty Limited (insert TH logo) GPO Box 128 Sydney NSW 2001 Tel: +612 92650 0700 Fax: + 612 9267 5443 Email: