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The following are cover emails, sent out with the press release:


Monday 27 April 2009

OSGeo community leaders and translators,

On Monday 4 May, next week, we will be announcing that registration is Open for the FOSS4G conference.

Delegates who came to the FOSS4G conference heard about it:

  • 36% from a colleague
  • 26% from a weblink
  • 20% from a previous conference
  • 10% from email
  • 7% other
  • 1% from a paper mailout

In order to promote FOSS4G as widely as possible, we are again asking for help from our international OSGeo community to help translate the press release in order to attract an international community to FOSS4G. We are looking to promote FOSS4G to the region by having specific conference threads addressing language and regional specific issues, and to demonstrate this commitment by personalising the message into local languages.

Next Monday, I encourage you to forward your translated press release to your local email lists and contacts, invite work associates to the conference, include the FOSS4G logo in your website.

The press release has been copied to:

To make translation easier, we have highlighted the changed text in red font. This font doesn't need to be copied into the final text.

Note: The URL for registrations has not been released yet, and we are using as a place-marker for the moment. We will update the URL in the translations at the end of the week.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Cameron Shorter, FOSS4G Organising Committee chair.

OSGeo Community

Monday 4 May 2009

OSGeo community leaders,

Could you please help promote FOSS4G by forwarding the attached press release to your communities, along with a personal message from yourself.

Of the delegates who came to FOSS4G in 2007, 36% reported they heard about it from a colleague and 10% from an email. This reflects the very successful emails that were forwarded via community leaders like yourselves to their projects, and communities. Viral marketing at its best.

Some of the personal messages people have used before include:

  • "I'll be presenting ... and look forward to meet you at FOSS4G ..."
  • "I've been to previous FOSS4G conferences and highly recommend them because ..."
  • "Our project will be represented at FOSS4G ..."
  • "At FOSS4G make sure you check out the ... "

Could you please let me know what email lists you have forwarded onto so that we can track the effectiveness of the marketing. (This provides us with useful metrics to attract sponsors).

Also, if you haven't done so already, please add a FOSS4G link to your blog or web page, then reference your site as per: 26% of FOSS4G2007 delegates hear about FOSS4G from web banner adds.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Cameron Shorter, FOSS4G chair.

Press release and translations available at:

List of leaders and the communities they lead. Look for your name below.