FOSS4G 2009 Press Release 19

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To be sent to successful FOSS4G abstract applicants.

Congratulations, Your FOSS4G Abstract was selected


20 August 2009, Sydney Australia.

To FOSS4G abstract proposer,

We are very pleased to inform you that one of your proposed abstracts was selected to be presented at FOSS4G 2009. This year we received over 180 quality submissions making the task of final selection a difficult one.

If you submitted more than one presentation please see the list of selected presentations on the conference website to find out which of yours was selected:

The process for abstract selection was as follows:

  1. A community vote via the abstract submission website
  2. A review of the public vote and further voting by the Organising Committee and selected high profile Session Chairs. This review was aimed at providing a good balance of content and also to make sure that the local region was represented amongst the presentations.
  3. The final 85 were selected by ranking based on community and Organising Committee votes.

What next?

  1. Help us publicise FOSS4G 2009 - Tell the world about FOSS4G and your presentation. We want to make FOSS4G a huge success, and prior experience shows that the most likely way for people to be convinced they should come to FOSS4G is by hearing about it via blogs, email lists, personal recommendation, from someone they know and respect.
  2. Maybe you are an organisation and would like to purchase a booth or sponsorship? (
  3. Be sure to register for the conference before the early bird registration period expires (7th of August). (

Further guidance will be released in the coming weeks with regards to presenting at the conference - including details on how you can update your abstract. Make sure you join the announcement email list to keep yourself up to date.

IMPORTANT: If you no longer wish to present, or are now not planning to attend the conference, please advise us of this immediately so that we can promote a presentation from our reserve list to take your place.

Yours sincerely,

Harley Prowse, coordinator of the abstract selection committee.