FOSS4G 2009 Press Release 38

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Distributation: to be incorporated into WMS Shootout presentation.

ESRI withdraws from WMS Shootout

Sydney, Australia. 17 October 2009.

ESRI has informed the organizers of the FOSS4G their inability to continue participating in the WMS shootout event because of other priority obligations that have emerged and resource availability constraints. ESRI has informed us that they will nevertheless continue their participation in the Climate Challenge Integration Plugfest event at the conference. While we would have liked to have seen ESRI's participation in the event, we understand their commitment to their users and appreciate their efforts to date. We look forward to seeing them at FOSS4G in the weeks ahead.

About FOSS4G

FOSS4G is the international Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference, which comes to Sydney, Australia, 20-23 October 2009. FOSS4G offers presentations, workshops, demos, an install-fest, and a code sprint. It is presented by the world's best Developers, Policy Makers, Sponsors and Geospatial Professionals and includes the latest geospatial applications, standards, government programs, business processes and case studies. Topics include mobile platforms, location based applications, crowd sourcing, cloud computing, development, spatial standards, integration of cross-agency data, Spatial Data Infrastructures, Sensor Webs, Web Processing Services, Integration of Open Source and Proprietary Software and more.

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