FOSS4G 2009 Press Release 39

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Distribution: To foss4g presenters


People want your FOSS4G presentations

Sydney, Australia. 27 October 2009.

FOSS4G presenters,

We need your compressed presentations, and an OK to release presentations and video of you under Creative Commons, if we are to publish them on the FOSS4G website.

Thank you for presenting at FOSS4G. I've had many people tell me what an excellent conference this has been, and in particular, expressed how good the presentations were.

I've also been getting many requests for FOSS4G presentations, and video recordings of the presentations, and we are hoping to have these all uploaded to the website within a week, although it might take us two. We already have all the presentations that were uploaded onto the conference computers. Some of these presentations are very big, up to 1 Gig in size, which is unsuitable for downloading. Other people presented off their laptops, and we don't have those presentations.

So what we are looking for is:

  • Confirm that your presentation may be made available, preferably via the Creative Commmons Attribution-Share Alike license: Do this by sending an email to stating:
I, <first name> <last name> confirm that my presentation titled "<title>", and presented
during the FOSS4G 2009 is available to all under the terms of the
Creative Commmons Attribution-Share Alike license:
  • If your presentation was greater than 10 Meg, can you please compress it, maybe by converting to PDF, then
    • upload to: with user/password: foss4g/Upl0ad
    • email and Shoaib (CCed) with the uploaded file name, title, presenter, and presenter's email address (so we can link to right location on the website).
  • If your presentation was not loaded onto the conference system (at the speaker ready area), then can you ensure it is uploaded via process above.
  • If your presentation was videoed, and you have not filled out a Copyright Release form, can you please fill one in, scan it, and email to Andrew Ross (CCed). The release form can be downloaded from: