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OSGeo and Spatial Community Leaders, Could you please forward on one last FOSS4G press release to your communities, preferably with an introductory message about the conference. Something like:

  • "I presented at FOSS4G, you can see my presentation at ..."
  • "Look out for presentations about our project at ..."
  • "I strongly recommend watching Paul Ramsey's entertaining and informative presentation at ..."
  • ...

The press release is available at:

Based on the prior experience of FOSSLC, the Open Source Conference video team, they find they get 30 times more video downloads than conference attendees which shows that there is significantly more interest in conferences than have budget to attend.

Thank you so much for your support of the FOSS4G conference. We have had glowing reports back from attendees about the success of the conference here:

Your part in promoting the conference through viral marketing proved to be incredibly successful, as shown by how people heard about the conference:

Information Source Attendees Percentage
Friend/colleague 177 53%
E-mail list 80 24%
Web badge on open source site 23 7%
Grapevine 20 6%
Internet Search 20 6%
Web advertisement 12 4%
Magazine advertisement 2 1%