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The overall conference programme can be found at:



Presentations make up a large part of the conference program. During the period of 15th June to 28th June 2009 all submitted presentations from both the general and academic track will be open to public voting.

Reviewer are asked to consider the conference theme of "User Driven" when rating presentations. We want to make sure we have presentations for both GIS developers and systems integrators, and Geospatial Open Source Business Case Studies useful for potential purchases of FOSS4G software systems.

The steps below need to be followed to vote on presentations:

1. Go to the main conference website and follow the links to vote on presentations. This will direct you to the presentations system. You need to register to vote on presentations. Registration is simple. If you have already registered to submit a presentation then you do not need to register again, please use your existing credentials.


2. Once logged in you'll be prompted to vote for your favourite abstracts. Click on the link


3. All the presentations are displayed. Each presentation appears together with the title, author and abstract. Below are tags which can be selected to display presentations with a common theme. You can vote on the presentation by selecting the 'no', 'slight' or 'huge' options, your vote is cast as soon as you select one of the options. However you can change your mind later if you wish


4. If you wish to amend your choice then you can click on your original selection to change it. You don't have to vote on all presentations in one session, the system will remember your selections. Happy voting



After public voting has closed each presentation was given a score based upon the following criteria:

0 = no interest 1 = slight interest 2 = huge interest

The collated scores were then provided to the presentation committee made up of the following:

Organising Committee (Local & OSGeo)

  • Cameron Shorter , LISAsoft (Chair)
  • Tim Bowden , Mapforge
  • Shoaib Burq , Geoscience Australia
  • Bruce Bannerman , Bureau of Meteorology
  • Ben Searle , Office of Spatial Data Management
  • Simon Hope , ESRI Australia
  • Harley Prowse , Geographic Business Solutions Ltd , Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Jody Garnett , LISAsoft
  • Mark Leslie , LISAsoft
  • Volker Mische
  • Jeff McKenna , OSGeo conference committee Chair
  • Paul Ramsey , OSGeo Board Representative
  • Tyler Mitchell , OSGeo Executive Director

Conference Chairs

  • Geoff Zeiss (Open Source in Government programs)
  • Venkatesh Raghavan (Open Source Geospatial in Asia)
  • Anne Fitzgerald ( Open Data & Licenses)
  • Satish Sankaran (Integrating Open Source and Proprietary)
  • Raj Singh ( Integrating Open Source using Open Standards)

Guidance for voting committee & conference chairs

Each committee member is responsible for making their final selection (from the full 183) of presentations into the general presentation track, which includes selecting 85 presentations. Supplementary to the 85 presentations in the general track the committee is invited to select 10 presentations which will form a reserve list, should a selected presenter pull out. The reserve list will also be used if a presentation is selected for the academic track (ie one from the reserve list will take its place). The following guidance is made to the committee:

  • An online spreadsheet is provided to enter your preferences IMPORTANT - Please do not re-order the spreadsheet!
  • 0 means rejected, 1 means accepted and R means Reserve
  • Each presentation is listed, together with a URL link to the full presentation details online.
  • Presentation selection should consider the overall conference theme of 'user driven'. The local organising committee are seeking a good balance of content (ie technology, business and case studies) and a representation of regional content is important. Selection should avoid duplicate content and we are seeking to give as many individuals the chance to present as possible therefore duplication of presenters should be minimised.
  • Conference Chairs get one guaranteed presentation for their session. To tell us which one you want to be guaranteed, highlight it in your column in the spreadsheet. Naturally, your selection should be in line with the general theme of the session you are chairing (see above).

Final presentation selection is to be made by the committee by the 14th July 5pm Sydney Time ( No late votes will be accepted. Final adjustments taking into account the academic presentations will be made around 18-19 July with authors being notified by the 20th July. All notifications should include an invite to provide a poster for the poster boards and\or submit a request to take part in the demonstration theatre.


Sessions are groups of two or three presentations. Each presentation is 30 minutes inclusive of change over, set up, content and questions.

Submission stats

The number of submission throughout the submission phase. Not that the original deadline was extended by one week.

  • Opening till 7 days before original deadline: 31
  • Till 2 daysbefore original deadline: 38
  • One day before original deadline: 14
  • On last day of original deadline: 32
  • Till 6 days before deadline: 39
  • On last day: 29
  • Total: 183


The following dates are relevant to general presentations only. Academic presentation dates can be found here[[1]]


  • Monday 6th - presentation data extracted from Django by Volker
  • Tuesday 7th - Spreadsheet on Google + guidance email ready
  • Monday 13th - press release ready for translation
  • Tuesday 14th - Committee vote closed
  • 18-19th - Academic Track presentations removed from General Track if selected
  • Monday 20th - Notify authors + press release out.


Presentation Preparation Room

Parkside G07 [2] is reserved as the presentation preparation room. This room will be available to presenters prior to their presentation. The following facilities will be provided:

Presentation upload facilities

Presentation Laptop and room facilities

Each presentation room will be set up to include the following:

Guidelines for presenters

Presenters may provide their own laptop, if you are please ensure you are in the room ahead of your allotted time to ensure an efficient change over.

Guidelines for session coordinators

Content Streaming

Academic Track

FOSS4G 2009 will be running a seperate academic track, more details can be found here [[3]]