FOSS4G 2009 Workshop Meeting 260809

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Time and Place

Thursday 20th August, 9am AEST

The information you need to configure your IRC client are:




In attendance:

  • Jeff McKenna (JM)
  • Mark Leslie (ML)
  • Jody Garnett (JG)

IRC Logs

Action points

  • ML - Details from arinex: Date of availability of image machine, availability of image machine for remote testing, can we get access to the workshop rooms/machines the night before, can tutorial machines see each other within the room, specs of machines (OS inc. service pack, admin access to users, etc.)
  • ML - Issue a call for volunteers to assist in tutorials.
  • ML - Blog the venue.
  • JM - Fill out wiki page for scheduling
  • JM - Follow up on FTP site for uploads