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Conference Planners: GITA

GITA Knows Geospatial Conferences

In 1982, a not-for-profit professional association, known as AM/FM International, was formed to serve the burgeoning automated mapping/facilities management industry with an educational forum to exchange ideas and keep up with rapidly changing technologies. That organization has evolved over the years to become the Geospatial Information and Technology Association (GITA). Today, it is widely recognized as the leading professional association and advocate for anyone using geospatial technology to help operate, maintain, and protect North America’s key infrastructure assets. GITA’s membership includes electric, gas, and water/wastewater utilities, oil and gas pipeline organizations, telecommunication companies, public agencies and private sector companies.

GITA understands the importance of events that impact the direction and success of the geospatial industry, and has been planning conferences to advance geospatial information and technology for more than three decades. From 50 to 3,000 attendees, GITA’s experience runs the gamut of conference planning and related professional services.

Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference

GITA’s annual conference has been one of the geospatial industry’s leading events for over 30 years. The association’s flagship event, now known as the Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference, focuses on the application of geospatial technology to helping solve our serious infrastructure-related problems. This annual conference also features an exhibition exceeding 100,000 square feet, featuring the latest in geospatial products and services. The conference also includes an innovative program of over 100 technical sessions, half-day seminars, and panel discussions. The conference is the geospatial highlight of the year for more than 1,500 professionals who come to exchange information and expertise, learn better ways to plan, design, manage, and maintain geospatial systems and operations, and network with their peers.

GIS for Oil & Gas Conference

Created as a specialty conference to advance and promote the use of geospatial technology in the oil and gas pipeline industry, this annual event brings nearly 1,000 oil and gas professionals to Houston, Texas every fall for in-depth seminars, technical paper presentations, discussion forums, panel discussions and several networking events. A major product and service exhibition showcases companies with offerings that target the unique needs of the energy industry. The growth of this conference resulted in the creation in 2008 of an annual conference in Calgary to address the unique requirements of the Canadian oil and gas pipeline industry.


The GeoWeb Conference (previously known as GML Days) reflects the breadth, evolution and growing maturity of the GeoWeb. Conducted in close cooperation with Galdos Systems, Inc., the entity responsible for its creation, GeoWeb is one of the only conferences focusing exclusively on the convergence of GIS and the Internet and the economic potential associated with the convergence of XML, Web services and GIS. GITA first joined Galdos Systems Inc. to present this event in 2006; the event has since experienced a 300% growth in attendance.

Hosting Services

GITA’s conference planning experience goes well beyond the association’s events. Oracle, the Open Geospatial Consortium, Galdos Systems Inc., and McGraw-Hill are just a few of the organizations that have trusted GITA’s expertise to run anything from a one-day event to week long conference. These organizations are extremely confident that GITA has every detail handled and is dedicated to making every event a major success.

Experienced Professional, Courteous and Proactive Conference Staff

GITA’s knowledgeable and friendly professional staff members have a reputation for using their extensive experience, creativity, integrity, and resourcefulness to conduct seamless events that advance the geospatial industry and foster new ideas. We understand the importance of starting conference planning with the end in mind, and being ready for anything. Our staff uses proven, result driven planning and scheduling processes, and is highly detail oriented.

We propose the following staff members to support the FOSS4G Conference:

  • Henry Rosales joined GITA in 1994. Now the Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Rosales

has over 20 years of meeting planning and logistics experience. He is a member of Meeting Planners International, Professional Conference and Meetings Association, International Association of Exhibition and Events and American Society of Association Executives.

  • James Sakamoto has been GITA’s Senior Education Coordinator since 2007. As such,

he is responsible for all registration and event logistics. Mr. Sakamoto has over 10 years of experience in conference logistics. Before joining GITA, he worked for the event management division of the institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE). James is a member of the International Association of Exhibition and Events

  • Julie Eckhart also came to GITA in 2007. As Senior Education/Exhibits Coordinator she

is responsible for exhibit sales and exhibitor services, as well as conference speaker coordination. Julie is a member of the International Association of Exhibition and Events.