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DRAFT - for discussion purposes only

Presenters, Posters, Panelists and Lightning Talks

"Early Bird" pricing is designed to help provide substantial discounts to committed conference attendees, including all of these different forms of presenters. Unlike some conferences, presenters are not required to show proof of registration prior to submitting presentation proposals. This allows those who are not selected to present to still have full freedom to choose whether to attend or not.

  • No further discounts are available to presenters.


  • Platinum - 6 comps
  • Gold - 4 comps
  • Silver - 2 comps
  • Bronze - 1 comp


  • Exhibitors do not receive any comps (apart from those included with sponsorship packages)


  • Keynote / plenary speakers do not in general receive a discount. At the discretion of the LOC, a small number of speakers may receive complimentary registration. In general comps are likely to be reserved for invited speakers who would not otherwise attend the conference.

Workshop Instructors

  • 1 full comp for the first presenter
  • 1 half comp for the second presenter
  • Additional presenters will be required to pay full price. Where there are three or more presenters, they may elect to choose 3 half comps (instead of one full and one half). We will only give full and half comps, not other fractional amounts!

Tutorial Instructors

  • 1 half comp for the first presenter
  • 2nd, 3rd, etc. presenter will be required to pay full price

Local Organising Committee

  • ~10 comps for active members of the committee

Workshop Committee


  • 25 comps in budgeted. To cover all volunteers for workshops, presentation rooms and other behind-the-scenes work laid out by the LOC and Volunteer Coordinator.