FOSS4G 2011 Ideas

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This page is just to capture miscellaneous ideas for interesting / cool / fun / educational things we could potentially do at the conference. These are not firm plans, just ideas for further discussion!

  • Have a "trip to the mountains mapping party" event in conjunction with SotM - possibly on Sunday before FOSS4G, depending on dates of SotM
  • Create a cool interactive map-based web site to places of interest / conference related venues in downtown Denver, based on open source technologies. Again this could be a joint effort with SOTM (using OSM data, of course!). Or maybe we decide existing sites are good enough and leverage those - provide links from our site and maybe add some of our own content.
  • Hold various social events at brew pubs downtown to encourage informal networking
  • Maybe designate one or more "official pubs" of the conference and negotiate discounts / special deals (in the past the Wynkoop has done "first beer free" promotions). I've also negotiated special beer names with the Wynkoop in the past
  • Organize a pool event with "Melissa the Viper" at the Wynkoop
  • Consider getting Mayor (possibly Governor?) Hickenlooper to speak