FOSS4G 2011 LOC members and assignments

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Peter Batty - Chair, sponsors, logo

Main program

James Fee - lead for program

Brian Timoney - focus on outreach to newbies (this work may fall as much or more into workshops, probably some elements in both - details TBD)

Matt Krusemark - focus on open data

Tyler Erickson - interested in government track

Greg Matthews - TBC

Andrei Taraschuk - TBC


Ben Tuttle - lead for workshops

Jeff McKenna - workshops, OSGeo conference committee

Chris Helm - workshops

Academic track

Rafael Moreno - lead for academic track


Tyler Mitchell - sponsors, OSGeo Executive Director

Matt Ball - marketing / communications? (TBC)

Hurricane McEwen - SotM coordination

Conference logistics etc

Henry Rosales - GITA

James Sakamoto - GITA