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TODO: Add note that this is for established media only - not only bloggers.

Media Sponsors

Interested in promoting open source topics with a mapping and geospatial focus? Join us as a Media Sponsor and help make this years FOSS4G event the best ever! In the process, get your brand and company in front of the thousands who will view the FOSS4G material or attend the event. We anticipate breaking last years attendance record by having more than 1,000 attendees come this year to Denver, Colorado, USA. You will also save on significant costs for attending the event. We'd love to hear what you've done for our event in the past.

What will you do?

  • Link to the FOSS4G conference website with a banner or sidebar graphic. Rotating is fine, tell us about how often we'll get exposure.
  • Write at least one pre-conference article, before August 2011, (e.g. announcing the event, sharing past reviews, etc.)
  • One article post-conference talking about your thoughts on the event

What do you get?

  • Free conference pass (minus workshops) - a $xxx value!
  • Logo and url link from our sponsorship web page
  • Logo on our printed program sponsorship page and on all sponsorship posters at the venue
  • Logos/links remain online permanently, so our benefits for collaboration continue well after the event

Please consider...

Media sponsors gain valuable recognition from our attendees and in exchange for helping get you this exposure we expect encouraging and thoughtful coverage. Well written, well researched and knowledgeable first-hand articles are the most beneficial to both organizations and to your readership especially.

Constructive critiques of FOSS4G are always welcome, especially when shared with the organizers. But, ultimately, we are offering Media Sponsor positions to organizations that are interested in partnering with us to make it a special event for those who attend and meaningful for those who read about it afterward.