FOSS4G 2011 Plans June 2011

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This is a working page which is a starting point for developing detailed plans leading up to the conference now that the program is selected. Please feel free to add to and edit this list of items that we need to address. These are largely things that will be managed by GITA, but we need to confirm that and work out where and how the LOC is involved.

On site logistics





Printed on site program

Bags? (Current proposal is not to have bags - any discussion on that)

Volunteers - recruitment and coordination

Staffing (GITA staff and contractors versus volunteers)



Feedback forms

Social events - Wynkoop, Denver Art Museum

Computers for workshops


Publicizing newcomer event

General outreach - Press Releases - a series of releases have gone out, and a number more are planned leading up to the event

- Media Partners - the following publications are official media sponsors and are running banners on their sites

    - Baliz-Media -
    - Direction Magazine -
    - GeoConnexion -
    - GIM -
    - GIS User -
    - Professional Surveyor -
    - Slashgeo -
    - V1 Magazine -
    - VerySpatial -

Social Media and Sharing Sites

    - Twitter - #FOSS4G
    - LinkedIn - there is a FOSS4G group on LinkedIn, but it has the Barcelona logo. There has been some discussion on that site relating to 2011, and it seems we should get access to update the logo and start adding more content and members 
    - Lanyrd - speakers can set up a session for offline discussion
    - Slideshare - speakers can share slides
    - Others?


    - Live video of sessions?
    - YouTube or Vimeo Channels?

Local News Coverage -


Tracking costs and revenue against the budget, making adjustments as necessary