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This page is to collect various hints for people traveling to Denver for FOSS4G 2011.

Please do not hesitate to add your own hints and info

Airport Cab Share

Cab fare to/from the airport is ~$50, and while the Shuttle is cheaper it isn't a direct connection, so consider sharing a cab with someone -- just sign up below and maybe make a new friend....


  • arriving airport 6:45pm, going to the Sheraton -- contact
  • arriving airport 9:25pm, going to the Sheraton -- contact

City Bus

the AT route from the airport to downtown was $11. All buses stop on the top level transportation center, furthest island from the airport exit.

Super Shuttle

You can also make use of the Super Shuttle ($22 one way or $40 return within 14 days). They drop you off at your hotel. Find the Super Shuttle desk at the Ground Transport(?) signs. The shuttle vans are blue colored. Note: a few people have had less than optimal experiences with them, so your customer satisfaction mileage may vary.

Cell Phone Roaming

Prepaid SIM Cards

For those with unlocked cell phones looking for a prepaid SIM card:

Canadian Travelers

  • Rogers:
  • Bell:
    • Voice:
      • Regular roaming charges for Bell customers roaming in US are 1.45$+tax per minute
      • There are voice roaming packages that can be added to your account for a single month to get lower roaming charges (15$ for 15 minutes voice + 1$/minute extra, 30$ for 50 min. voice + 0.60$ extra) See
    • SMS:
      • By default without a SMS package, you get charges of 0.75$ per outgoing SMS and 0.20$ per incoming SMS while roaming
      • If you have a SMS package with free incoming SMS in your local (canadian) package then incoming SMS from Canada are also free while roaming (but outgoing SMS are still 0.75$ a pop)
      • On some corporate packages only, Bell offers a US roaming SMS package (not listed online) at 5$/month that offers 100 outgoing SMS (outgoing to Canada and US) and unlimited incoming SMS while roaming in the US. Outgoing SMS to e.g. Europe are charged at 0.25$/message under this package. Either call or use the "Chat with a rep" option on Bell's site to check what is available to you.
    • Data:
      • No affordable option. Turn data off! ;-)

Car rentals

Any hints for good deals?

Traveling around the city

Denver B-Cycle

Denver B-Cycle has 24-hour passes available for $6 at a B-Cycle station or you can register online. (If you're spending some extra time in Denver, 7-day passes are $20.) The system has 51 stations and 510 bikes. There are stations within a block or so of the Sheraton (Glenarm Place & 15th St. and Broadway & E. 16th Ave.).

Once you get the pass, there are no further charges for rides of 30 minutes or less. Hop station to station for longer rides. Zoom in just a bit at Jason Sanford's beautiful FOSS4G map to see bike station locations.

Get a B-Cycle app (free) for either iPhone or Android. It tells you in realtime how many bikes are available at a station and how many open docks.

There is a station at Denver Union Station on Wynkoop St. near the Wynkoop Brewery. You could bike your way over and back to the opening night social event.

BYOH - Bring your own helmet. Denver does not require helmets when you ride a bike and B-Cycle doesn't provide them but does recommend that you wear one.

More info at the B-Cycle site along with their map and FAQ.

(From Just van den Broecke) added B-Cycle station locations to GeoCommons: to load on your handheld GPS like I did.