FOSS4G 2011 Workshops Venue Logistics

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  • Computers
    • Planning for Laptops:
      • Core 2 Duo/2.1 – 2.4 Ghz/3GIG RAM/15.4” LCD monitor/WinXP/Office 2007/Anti-Virus/Wi-Fi/USB mouse
      • 100 laptops for two days
    • Windows workshop users will require Administrative access on the laptops
      • Yes
    • How much space on the harddrive will be available?
      • TBD, probably 80GB
    • Workshop presenters like to know where software will be installed, will it be on the C drive by default? (so presenters can include these paths in workshop materials)
      • We can decide this when we install the software, the C drive is fine as far as the laptop vendor is concerned.
    • When can we do an onsite check of the machines, the Sunday night before?
      • Apparently the rooms are not available Sunday. We've been promised set up by 7:15am Monday.
      • This doesn't leave much time for an onsite check.
      • The vendor is ok with us sweeping through behind them as they set up.
    • How will we install the software on one machine, for the master copy...remotely or onsite, and when?
      • The vendor will provide us with a laptop (possibly two as there might be two different models) to install software on, this will provide the image for all others.
      • We can get this laptop on July 15 to start the install process.
      • If we provide the vendor with the SSID and connection params for the hotel wireless they will set the laptops to auto connect prior to delivery.
      • The vendors needs at least one week to image all the laptops.