FOSS4G 2012 Meeting 2012-07-03

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Present :

From China LOC:

  • Gao Ang
  • Xun Yan

From International Volunteer Group:

  • Cameron Shorter
  • Sanghee Shin
  • Tanner Lin
  • Bo Guo

Date & Time:

  • July 3rd, 2012  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Beijing Time



  • Gao Ang reported current situation of FOSS4G preparation from LOC side.
    • Regarding PCO(Professional Conference Organizer) contract, LOC failed to sign a PCO contract with 3S News, a PCO company, last week. And LOC tried to find another PCO, but only to fail.
    • Currently LOC is not optimistic about the hosting FOSS4G 2012 successfully due to lacking of experiences and staffs.
    • Only 3 part time local volunteers are available in LOC now. However they don't have enough time to handle all the conference issues.
    • LOC started to look over all the options including canceling.
  • Cameron suggested a financial assessment or simulation for continuing and canceling conference.
  • LOC & International volunteer group looked over the possibility of hosting FOSS4G 2012 as local event.
  • According to Gao Ang, if LOC could not find PCO or hire full time organizer, LOC would like to cancel conference rather than make it a local event.
  • Cameron stated LOC should make decision soon whatever that may be.
  • Gao Ang will gather opinions from LOC members and then will report LOC's final decision on FOSS4G to OSGeo Board by this weekend.

Pending Issues:

  • LOC's final decision on FOSS4G 2012 including canceling, continuing and downgrading to local event.