FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting April 5th

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Attendees: Mark, Claire, Matt, Jo, Barry, Suchith, Ian Holt


  • Steven, Jeremy
  • I (Franz-Josef) have lectures / lab exercises this afternoon. Antony (flu :-( )
  • Barend (in a train without WiFi)

Review actions from previous meeting

  • Publicity gone out on other mailing list, some publicity/prize etc at GISRUK. Website updated to reflect close of workshop call.
  • Met Office need to clarify requirements for hackathon asap

N* o movement on contract/wifi Jeremy to contact on Monday


  • No one present

Key Stats

  • Small increase on last call- nothing to worry about

Academic track

  • 20 reviews received, for 26 submissions still 53 reviews outstanding.
  • Not very much submissions accepted (IMHO -- FJ)
  • Deadline is 24th April - but Franz-Josef and Barend contacted the reviewers to submit earlier.

CfP and CfW

  • Need to be able to get programme submissions to Paul Ramsey asap after 12th April to set up community voting. Need to decide on an extension as close to the 12th as possible- review on 10th
  • 61 workshop submissions but many repeats.


Contract and wifi

  • Jeremy to contact on Monday

F2F 24/25 April

  • Draft agenda from Steven
  • Suchith to liaise with Claire/Jeremy about logistics


  • Barry has haggled- 2750 +VAT and expenses for a 1 hour show- no objections to going ahead with this. Contracts via AGI


  • Comms meeting 10th
  • Workshop meeting 8th
  • F2F 19th