FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting December 21st

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Attendees - AS, SF, BR, JM, MI, JC, IH

Sponsorship Update

  • (redacted- wait for news in early January)
  • Email to go to all sponsors re 10% discount (SF)
  • Jo creating the logo guidelines page
  • Jo to update box highlighting 10% discount expiry, and edit typography/layout for key dates
  • How to recognise the orgs. we all work for? Future item.

Update from Academic track

  • In short: things are moving along, there were some delays mostly because of both chairs being busy with other things, but the CfP with submission details will be out before the end of 2012. (BK)
  • Website link needed (JC/BK)

Programme Selection

  • Suggested dates for programme selection/meetup: Fri 26th/Sat 27th April, Nottingham. Clash with AGI?
  • JM liasing with AGI
  • SF has preference for Sun/Mon
  • AS will look at wording for consulation on voting and poss voting and submission systems (Google forms?) and circulate to programme group

Update on web site

  • The "about" button - who writes text for Geo for All
  • SF to draft text as destination for Big Button by 2nd Jan, and photo
  • Getting sponsor logos on site
  • Higher profile for sponsorship in one of the front page boxes


  • Poss. involvement: Geeks without Bounds, Nott. hackspace, Discuss with Met Office


  • Need to discuss in Jan
  • Jousting? JM

Contract update

  • Final draft received, will be signed in Jan.
  • Outstanding - wifi (JM), marquee (price awaited), AV
  • Book Horizon laptops? Would need to be rebuilt. JM


  • onfirm whether OSGeo AGM and Board Meeting will be at FOSS4G. Should be on public board list (JC)
  • Dates of future meetings
  • Programme Selection/F2F, 26th/27th/28th/29th April (prob. two days from these), Nottingham, KEEP FREE if poss.
  • Poss clash with SOTM Birmingham? Not yet open.
  • Post to OSM lists requesting non-clashing dates (with AGI or FOSS4G), JM
  • 2 weekly meetings from Fri 11th Jan, 2pm (SF/AS invites)