FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting January 25th

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Attendance Jo, Barend, Antony, Ian E, Steven, Addy

Apologies Ian H, Jeremy

Academic Track 15 authors registered 6 papers submitted Will consider extending the deadline next week Discussed abstract submission only but current model has been in place since 2010

Call for presentations/workshops Call for Presentations is ready to launch, Survey Monkey built Call for Workshops needs SM completing Replace sponsorship discount box on front page with CfP announcement, on CfP page place links to two forms prominent place and check that timetable at bottom is still correct - JC Community voting, we need to post on lists Discuss, Conference_Dev, FOSS4g 2013 - AS

Call for Maps

Everyone to review proposal for Ken Field and discuss on basecamp prior to next call



Contract Waiting for response on WiFi - due next week Call took place with tent people (Claire/Steven) - they are doing site survey, and appear competent. Some savings on electrics Model changes in costs and prices - SF



Paper selection F2F dates consensus of those on call for 25/26th if not all prefer weekdays Steven to suggest dates

Publicity We need to turn the volume up - comms grp