FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting March 22nd

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Attendees: Steven, Addy, Barend, Jo, Mark, Peter, Suchith, Jo, Ian H, Rollo, Antony


  • Semester started and I will be busy with lectures / lab exercise this afternoon. Good luck - Franz-Josef

Review actions from previous meeting

Academic track

  • 26 papers in review, 23 already have 1 reviewer, 15 reviews already in

CfP and CfW

  • Papers - 25
  • Workshops - 23
  • Consider 2 days for workshops once proposals evaluated after F2F.
  • What would we do if not enough papers in? Extend? Community vote?
  • Jo to lead on this decision (Steven away).


  • Need for more non-UK publicity, if poss in local languages - country contact
  • Twitter (Addy will scan for )
  • OSGeo local chapters: Custom mailing list for replication to country - Barend to get email (include SA)
  • Comms group to make sure blast goes out on workshops
  • Sucith will also send to range of lists
  • OSGeo Advocate list (useful) - (has named contacts in countries!)


  • rationalise menus (Comms Group)
  • pages to be updated by various LOC (Addy done, Mark, Matt to do) reminder A
  • pages need to be made public, then added to menu (admins)
  • increase Amazon instance for submissions time

  • redacted*

Code sprints on Sunday.

  • Some other sponsors highly likely.
  • Web mapping shoot-out - Geoff McKenna has organised in the past. Steven to contact (also AGM and Sol Katz).

Map Gallery

  • Rollo negotiating with CASA for display technology (iPad wall). Digital displays outside rooms are also a option.
  • Call for maps should go anyway, while we are getting technology sorted. First call is ready to go: Rollo/Ken. Second (formal) call after 12th April.

Contract and wifi

  • We had a proposal from the venue for a 400MB connection but at a cost of £25k! I have told the that is not on and offered £5k, they are now trying to get a lower cost quote from another supplier. I think we are * going to have to live with the 100MB that they can offer.
  • On site responsiveness to issues is also important.
  • Contract otherwise ready to go - unlikely we will need OSGeo contribution for deposit. Peter to inform Daniel.

F2F 24/25 April

  • Meeting and hotel rooms now booked (let Clare know if more rooms needed ASAP).
  • Overall timing: 11.30am Wed - 5pm Thur.
  • Peter will be available if needed.
  • Note that work will be needed by all in reviewing proposals before meeting. Weeding of non-starters is needed...
  • Rollo will draft notes on previous methodology. DONE
  • Community ranking was strong driver in previous confs, with rebalancing for eg case studies - tendency for community to have technical leaning.
  • Timetable to be drafted when Steven gets back.
  • Claire should contact Suchith on any logistical issues.


  • SF away from 28/3 to 18/4
  • Programme - lots of 'minor' events to be fitted in.
  • Where should self-organising groups go to get eg rooms, communicate with each other etc? Website, whiteboards, daily one-pager update sheet, all low tech if poss. Consider allocating space, late-breaking announcements.
  • Will we have printing facilities? Not great at EMCC. Good quality printer will be needed - Suchith to investigate a loan for the duration.
  • Jo to lead on 5th
  • Call on 19th to go ahead