FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting March 8th

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Attendees Antony, Steven, Matt, Jo, Addy, Barry, Jeremy


  • I am away on a business trip and can not participate (Franz-Josef).
  • same for me (Barend) -- will provide stats etcetera before call
  • I'll be away on holiday, but I'll make sure the meeting auto-starts (Ian E)
  • Rollo - been dragged into a BIS meeting (I've updated sections below)
  • Claire


  • AT: 24 papers now in review, all have 3 reviewers assigned {BK]
  • General: 18
  • Workshops: 9
  • More publicity needed
  • >> Could possibly divert some presentations to academic track?


  • Full Conference including Gala Night x 10
  • Icebreaker x 3
  • Workshop x 2
  • Closing party x 1


  • redacted*



  • EMCC still reviewing - waiting for tech input. Final negotiations still outstanding, bandwidth an issue. Fair use policy will be needed to optimise resources. Jeremy confident it will be resolved.


  • Web pages - Programme sections BSR
  • Pages set up as private - to be reviewed/edited by all
  • Holding pages to be published asap - see below for assignments


Workshops: Addy

Hack: Mark

Code sprint: Matt

Call for Maps - I think we may get the CASA 'city dashboard'. This is made up of 12 ipads on a 'wall'. They are building a second one currently - so we may get two? Once we have the technology sorted, we can get the Call out. (RWH): Rollo

Presentations: Jeremy

Set up users: Antony [done]


  • Press release machine is being cranked up, all proposed dates are on Basecamp calendar. Press release will go out on Mon re keynotes (Rollo)
  • INSPIRE site? Addy to email, Jeremy though Agile etc
  • Additional list beyond Claire's AGI list needed - comms group to create (starting point above). European focus needed.
  • Send to OSGeo chapters - ask for outreach reps? Jo


  • 4 confirmed and on site
  • One more?


  • Gala evening: "Nerds" contract BSR. Not clear how long they would be - an hour min. Barry will check, we need some guarantees on value for money. c. £4k all in. Alternatives? Steven to ask around contacts in case.
  • Mike Parker - interested, charges around 3-500 plus travel accom for this sort if thing. Could do 30mins on maps and the peculiarities of those that work with them or something like that. Thoughts? AP to sound out re Icebreaker
  • MapMan - didn't respond to my emails so far (RWH)
  • JM to follow up with Experience Nottingham


  • Statement of what we want them to do needed
  • eg language skills, maptember - someone outside the team to run with it - eg Nick Austin, Gary Gale, Ed Freyfogle (sp?) Support people coming to more than one event, accommodation, workspace etc etc. Steven to suggest to all 3. (done)


  • Recent discussion on discuss list regarding free places at FOSS4G - Workshop organisers, Developers of OSGeo Projects?
  • Has not been done before, not a requirement of RfP. This should be an OSGeo not a LOC decision. Push back to OSGeo (though too late to change our cost model). Steven has drafted reply in line with this and mailed to Board, Discuss and FOSS4G lists
  • Press Releases- only just seen details for Ed Anderson on website. So will get that PR out on Monday morning. The rest I'll post onto BC as text docs for people to amend as required. An editor list will be added shortly as well. (RWH)
  • T-shirts for Maptember - seems to be a lot of interest on Twitter...would be a shame to lose the income opportunity?
  • Jeremy to follow up on Friday ents
  • Workshops - call needed (Matt/Addy/Jeremy). 2 days of workshops still an option - eg add Tue to Wed. Workshop stream could also be added?
  • Addy, Matt, Mark, Jeremy now set up as WordPress users. Any others needed contact Antony.
  • Mark liaising with Ian on hackathon.