FOSS4G 2013 Workshops Google+ Hangout February 20th

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Hour long Google+ Hangout to discuss the plan for Workshops and Code Sprints with those interested in attending or running at FOSS4G 2013.

Only 7 people attended including Mark and Jeremy from the LOC but it was a good opertunity to catch-up and we did get some feedback from people like Ian Turton to say that our plans seem sound.

Facitities wise we currently have 2 labs booked but may need to book a few more if we are expecting a similar number of Workshops as previous years. We expect to be able to have access to about 20 laptops (8 from Horizon, 8 from Ordnance Survey and 6 from Astun Technology) which can be used for Workshops.

Our preference would be to use LiveUSB or LiveDVD to run the Workshops but we need to consider if we can facilitate using Virtual Machines.