FOSS4G 2014 Planning Meeting 19th August

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FOSS4G LOC Meeting, August 19th, 2014

Renewable Funding, 5:45-7:30 pm

current as of 2:05pm 8/19. Notes/changes happen in the related Google Doc


I - Money Budget overview (Darrell)

Additional budget items:

Gala Facilities/Additional Expenses? Tents, DJ, etc?

Adding workshops lunch (Darrell) (

Final commitment for funds on opening night party? Lets Figure out how to pay for some food (Tanya / Ryan)

Trimet Tickets Purchase (Neil)

T-Shirt orders (Tanya)

More Stickers?

Lanyards (VTM)

Name badges (VTM)

Proposing 5 badge types, all double side in full color:

Attendee (approx. 500)

Sponsor (approx. 75)

Volunteer (approx. 75)

Presenter (approx. 200)

Press (approx. ?)

1 hr of design time and printing = ~$600.00 from Alphagraphics for either vertical (?”x?”) or horizontal (4” x 5”)

Need to buy name badge holders-- approx. $0.30 a holder ($300)

Other money stuff

Keynote transportation

II- Deadlines

Final Assignment of Rooms for Workshops and Tracks

Catering counts: what are our final deadlines?

Schedule changes.

Workshops, sessions, academic, other.

Impact to attendees, organizers, funds, program design, program printing, etc. (Eli wrote this, but Amy and Monica and EVH know everything)

scheduling repeat workshops? Relationship to waitlists

Printed Program Deadlines

missing logos or ads?

Fill in options

revision process

draft review

edit process

print schedule

post printing cancellations, time changes, speaker changes, etc -- errata page

Lodging (Doubletree / Staybridge)

Sponsor Booth locations

Signage DEADLINE: Wednesday, 8/20 for design -- Will go to print on Monday

General Session:

VTM recommends a 4’x10’ ($178 + hanging fees + design work) or 4’x12” ($213+hanging fees + design work) banner that will hang behind the speaker in between the screens

Exhibit Hall: (2) Vertical signs just inside doors.

All sponsor logos?

If yes, half on one side, half on the other side?

Little tabletop A-frame signs on tables:

100 qty = $297.50 includes full color logos

All sponsor logos?

Registration Counters:

(2) Vertical signs on either side of registration desk..

All sponsor logos?

If yes, half on one side, half on the other side?

Registration counters will have FOSS4G logo on bottom, headers on top:

Alphabet split into 6 lines (3 counters)

On-site registration (1 counter)

Speaker (1 counter)

Sponsors (1 counter)

Breakout rooms:

Podium placards (10? 9 tracks + general session)

FOSS4G logo only?

Any additional directionals needed? 24”x36” foamcore on easel.

III- Communication

Need another blast ASAP. These do make a difference in registration #’s.

Content is ready to go. Tanya to train KB on how to MailChimp

Need to send update to Presenters (who will do this?)

include timeslot

assuming your own laptop, otherwise slides on thumb drive

Could use some clarification from OCC on podium connections (Neill and/or VTM?)

Volunteers (Tanya)

draft schedule is available

task list is online (please add your needs for volunteers here and we will match someone to the tasks)

we have X volunteers confirmed and registered, Y more expected

Did someone follow up with and resolve USACE finance paperwork requests?

Need to add one or more pages to the website for venue info.

IV - Other Sponsor updates (specifically has additional booth space been added and assigned?). Appears yes. (VTM - Eli requested)

Map Gallery Update and Vendor Hall space discussion

Rules on food for OCC (Alyssa asked about bringing donuts and maybe beer to her talk. Any rules on that?)

Review last week’s todo’s