FOSS4G 2016 Call for Participation in the Program Committee

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Hi all,

this is the Call for Participation in the Program Committee. In case
you want to be part of the selection process for the talks of the
FOSS4G 2016, this is your chance now. It's as easy as to reply to
this email and let me know that you want to take part.

I'd like to have a diverse committee as possible. People with all
kinds of backgrounds and interests. Being it remote sensing, an
interest in case studies, the hottest developer trends or any other
topic related to free and open source geospatial software, please join
the Program Committee.

Here's how it works. During the community voting phase (beginning of
April) the members of the Program Committee will vote on the submitted
abstracts of the talks as well. This is probably the biggest part of
the work. It could well be over 300 abstracts that ned to be reviewed.
Once both votings are done, we'll do the selection process. There will
be three weeks for the process with the current deadline of May 1st.
During those three weeks also the speakers will be notified if their
talk got accepted, rejected or if they are on the waiting list.

The selection process will follow the same steps as in 2014 [1]. This
means that you would need to have time in April to read through the
abstracts as well some time where we do the actual selection. I would
expect to have 2-3 video conference meetings that will last for about
3-4 hours.

I'd like to have the team formed by the end of the year, so please get
in touch if you'd like to be part of it.


  Volker Mische
  Chair of the Program Committee