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  • All good and done
  • Still Time

These are our ideas/plans/ToDos for the Website.

Generel Structure

  • Home
  • Programm - not yet
  • B2B Conference (text here
  • Workshops - not yet
  • Code Sprint 1 & 2, About Icebreaker/Gala-Event? - not yet
  • Getting Around
  • About Bonn
    • Text
    • Field trips for family - not yet
  • LOC
  • FAQ
  • Sponsorship (make visible, as soon as sponsors not on Home page)
    • Sponsor packages (leave on Homepage, put here later)
    • Sponsors
    • Exhibition
  • Studentship, Donation and Travel Grants - not yet (needs more discussion)
  • Registration - not yet
    • For Visitors
    • For Call for Papers
    • For Call for Workshops
    • For Sponsors?
  • Spread The Word
    • Marketing Material from this Wiki


  • shrink logo or put content in menu bar
  • below box with breaking news
  • below sponsorship packages - change layout, content when ready
  • add schedule from 21.-28.8. from, change layout
  • import twitter
  • venue changes to a map which will be on an extra page
  • About FOSS4G from PR&M
  • Sponsors logos

Getting Around

  • Map
    • Hotels
    • WCCB
    • Workshops
    • Socializing (Pup Race, Icebreaker, Gala Event, Rhine beers (Rheinpavilllion unterhalb WCCB))
    • Code Sprint I, II
    • ÖPNV API?
    • Polygons of Bonn (Altstadt - Pubs, Innenstadt - Historic, ...)
  • look for links
  • link in GetFeatureInfo
  • indoor plans from
    • WCCB
    • GSI
    • deutsche Welle
    • IHK?
  • Print
  • Information on GFI need to be visible below as well
  • Awareness Crew - team to protect the conference members e.g. for discrimination, mobbing ... . More information about Awareness soon



  • Visum, Power adapter, public transport, Tipping in Germany, SIM Cards, (Free) WLAN, Money, Where to buy souvenirs?, Run courses, How to get to Bonn?

Timetable thoughts

  • Until the end of the year, general structure will work
  • Most of the time we need to react. (E.g. something will be announced...) For this, we want to have the whole content 2 weeks in advance
  • For small changes we can act immediately
  • Content for which nobody is responsible (e.g 'about Bonn') further discussion