FOSS4G 2016 Location Tech

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  • LocationTech is a community of R&D projects as you know, so having them speak/do workshops is probably a good idea. This is of course not special compared to every other project/speaker/workshop so there may not be much to talk about there.
  • LocationTech's member base likely has more than a few sponsors, so if you'd like us to help solicit sponsors, we could do that.
  • We have a tradition spanning back quite a few FOSS4G's where we do a reception open to all comers. It's often off-site. We'd be happy to do that. We'd cover the costs so it would be at no cost to the conference.
  • We have a tour, which is a federated series of local/regional events open to all comers and well attended. This might be a good place to promote FOSS4G Bonn at to help boost attendance and proposals for speaking/workshops.
  • There's quite a few other things, but these are some ideas to start. Please let me know which you like or don't like so we can adjust accordingly.