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This page contains an overview of travelling possibilities to Bonn

By plane

  • Köln-Bonn airport (15 km away from the city, 20 mins by bus) has direct connections to 130 destinations.
    • Almost all European countries have a direct connection, most of them even to more than one city.
    • Direct connections to a wonderful mix of about 10 countiees outside Europe (Iran, Cuba, jamaica, Thailand, Mexico etc.)
    • See also the Köln/Bonn airport page
  • Frankfurt (am Main) Airport has direct connections to 111 countries all over the world
    • 1 hour by train to Bonn/Siegburg
  • Frankfurt-Hahn is a low-cost carrier airport, about 75 km away from Bonn
    • 75 destinations, most of them in Southern en Eastern Europe

By train

  • The Siegburg/Bonn railway station is connected to the German high-speed network.
    • It has regaulars direct connections to all major German cities and Basel (Switzerland)
    • Plus each day some direct connections to The Netherlands, Belgium
  • Bonn is by local train connected to the main Cologne Railway station (Köln Hauptbahnhof)
  • See also the page of the German railways (dB)

By car

Bonn has several links to the German Autobahn (freeway)-system