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Indigenous Hackathon

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Indigenous Alliance in partnership with Space4Innovation is announcing the Indigenous FOSS4G Hackathon 2021: a hackathon by and for Indigenous communities. The challenges of the hackathon will be co-designed by Indigenous communities from around the world during a series of pre-hacks.

The Indigenous FOSS4G Hackathon 2021 will take place virtually on October 1-2, 2021. Everyone is welcome to participate. Join Indigenous communities in co-designing their own culturally appropriate ICT solutions using open source data and tools to address the challenges they face.

The Indigenous FOSS4G Hackathon 2021 will help maximise the social benefits of open data and tools by:

  • Increasing awareness of Indigenous Peoples' specific data needs and priorities;
  • Promoting the use of open EO data among Indigenous communities to address local issues;
  • Improving and strengthening Indigenous/local culture through the use of open EO data and ICTs; and
  • Improving cross-cultural communication between local communities, the FOSS4G

community and data providers.

Some of our previous Indigenous Hackathons:

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We look forward to seeing you there!


The Indigenous FOSS4G Hackathon 2021 will take place virtually on October1-2,2021


Online. You will receive a link to our room on your email.

Registered Attendees

The code sprint is free of charge but we kindly ask you to answer this form to register: