FOSS4G CEE 2013 Open GeoData Hackathon

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  • Vasile Crăciunescu
  • Dana Grad (Gherghelas)
  • Codrina Maria Ilie
  • Andreea - Florentina Marin
  • Mihai Terente
  • Andrei Cipu
  • Cătălin Sandu
  • Maria Popa
  • Imre Samu
  • feel free to add yourself


  • despresate is a platform aimed at providing as many statistical data as possible about counties and communes in Romania. We have quite a few open bugs that you can work on, either directly related to geographical data or other parts of the platform. Here are some selected ideas (but don't let this list limit you!)
    • integrate the village coordinates from OSM in the commune map
    • add more geographical data to the pages (e.g. min/max/average altitude, important rivers in the area etc.)
    • add image resources from different open image repositories
    • internationalize the interface