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FOSS4G Europe in Como, July 17, 2015 Summary notes for GeoForAll school education BOF

Participants: list_of_BOF2_participants

The meeting started at noon and we had about an hour to brainstorm about activites of GeoForAll initiative in the context of school education.


  • 'Schools' mean children and youth aged 2-19
  • We prefer to talk about open science, resources and education rather than focus strictly on FOSS4G - more appropriate appoach for school education
  • Short survey/questionnaire need to be taken among existing labs to find out who's interested in school education (initial inventory of people interested in a topic)
  • All educational materials dedicated for teachers will be gathered in general repository but flagged somehow to make them visible (relation to general talk about changes in repository)


  • A Lab can be organized at school (primary or secondary) as long as it fulfills the criteria of the network membership.
  • We won't put special attention on getting schools involved as labs - in most cases they will be "partners" of existing labs taking advantage of their experience and knowledge.


  • Wikipage of this group ( should be updated (Urban Science as an example) - Ela will take care of this.
  • We need "clean" website (no wikistyle, sorry ;-) as part of GeoForAll main website to "catch" educators - Phil declared to take care of this (in collaboration with Suchith and Jason)


  • Connecting with existing education networks i.e.

- network of Centres of Excellence ( - Nikos Labrinos working with primary teachers as a great example of CoE (Hellenic Centre of Excellence); - School on the Cloud effort (;

  • Creating educator opportunity across the globe at each FOSS4G, ISPRS, ICA events (EU, NA, Asia, SA, etc).

- The next FOSS4G NA may occur in Raleigh North Carolina in spring 2016. In this example, we encourage Phillip and Charlie to work with Helena to organize such a training workshop and perhaps other events. - For FOSS4G 2016 Bonn, Ela will organize such an event (dedicated panel session, seperate track (?). We need to begin planning now since these are 6-12 months away now. - Phil's comment: "In order to expand FOSS into K-12 and colleges, we ask local G4A affiliate labs work towards organizing a teacher training workshop during an event near you for teachers & educators from local schools and universities." - need to check if there's any lab in Bonn or Raleigh

  • Gathering partners around GeoForAll school initiative

- companies/private partners such as GISetc (Phil?) - associations such as NCGE in America

  • Would like to add GeoForAll Global Educator of the Year Award in school category - maybe connect events such as Bonn conference with some competition for teachers (show to transfer your school work from commercial GIS into FOSS4G) + find sponsors to make some group attend the event

Each lab should look for this opportunities in its own local environment. Suchith's comment: "We need to move this locally to benefit local education needs and requirements."

Thanks all participants for great discussion! Feel free to comment and add missing issues.