FOSS4G NA 2012 Code Sprint

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The code sprint will happen all day on Thurday April 12, 2012 at the Washington conference center. Room TBD.


If you are planning on attending the sprint, please fill in your project and name so we can do food and beverage planning appropriately.


  • Andrea Aime
  • Justin Deoliveira


  • Michael Smith
  • Someone else!


If we're still working on 2.0 at this point, there will be hell to pay. Hopefully this is the 2.1 planning session!

  • Paul Ramsey
  • Someone else!

PDAL and friends

  • Michael P. Gerlek (mpg)
  • Michael Smith


  • Dan "Ducky" Little , I plan to hang around and code. I'll default to working on GeoMOOSE but can pitch in on other efforts.

jQuery Geo

  • Ryan Westphal
  • You?