Fall 2016 JTS Code Sprint

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A simple code sprint to update JTS, a key 2D geospatial geometry library for open source GIS programs written in Java.


Saturday, September 24, 2016


We will be doing this code sprint remotely. Landon is willing to host local programmers in Stockton the afternoon of the sprint.

Source Code Repository

https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/surveyos-main-code-repo/trunk/main/jts refactored

Proposed Tasks

  • Update JUnit tests for the geometry package to JUnit 5.
  • Set-up automated test quite for unit tests in the geometry package.
  • Refactor LineSegment class to group utility/calculation methods that work with external objects to a separate LineSegmentUtilities class.
  • Improve Javadoc comments for classes/interfaces in the geometry package.
  • Implement generics and for/each loops in the geometry package.
  • Design new experimental Geometry interface using Java 8/Java 9 features.
  • Implement CoordinateArray for a set of points with unique identifiers.

Completed Tasks

To be determined.