Finland Chapter Report 2012

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The Finnish OSGeo local chapter has been quite slow moving in last years. Year 2012 was new activation period.

Activities in 2012

FOSS4G 2013 application was our biggest effort on 2012. We collected several supporter organisations together and activated almost 100 persons to be active in area of FOSS4G. However, our application didn't success against Nottingham.

ALPO (Avoimen lähdekoodin paikkatieto-ohjelmistot, Finnish version of FOSS4G) seminar was organised on May 2012: almost 50 people participate to this one day event. Morning session includes presentation from 4 presenters and afternoon we had Quantum GIS workshop class.

Many members of the Finnish OSGeo local chapter was also participating to Open Knowledge Foundation's very first OK Festival on September in Helsinki. Open Geodata stream includes presentations of FOSS4G and Open Geodata.

National Land Survey of Finland has continue their effort to build Oskari Map Application Framework.

Outlook for 2013

Karttakeskus, a Finnish company, join OSGeo's Associate Sponsor on March. Second ALPO-seminar will be organised on May 2013.

Year 2013 looks promising to expand use of FOSS4G applications in Finland.