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Best way to organize your presentation at FOSS4G2006

  • as FOSS4G2006 is an international conference, official language is English (no translation).
  • one desktop PC available for the presenter to show slides and more, web access available.
  • slides needs to be uploaded through website (InDiCo) before Sept 9th.

How to upload your slides and documents by Sept 9th

For uploading (text/pdf documents and presentation slides), obviously you can send them to However, there is an advantage to submit them through the website, because these documents will also be automaticaly published so everyone can access them.

To submit documents through the website :

login -> My Contributions -> Choose a contribution -> Submit material

As soon as your file is uploaded, it is instantly available for everyone through the timetable of the website (you can already see this in action [1]. See in the workshops some links named 'Slides' or 'Paper').