Foundation Management Tasks

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This page lists tasks with different priority that need to be done by the Foundation.

Business Administration


  • Keep official records of org.


  • Book keeping
  • Pay invoices
  • Submit and follow up on invoices
  • Track sponsorship renewals/timing
  • Setup bank accounts, Paypal, bill payments
  • Coordinate with Registered Agent, pay fees
  • Followup and track funds from FOSS4G, report in financials


  • Receiving mail (contrib agreements, invoices)
  • Send mail (payments, sponsors contacts)
  • Phone, IM, direct contact
  • All requests that do not go to a responsible person or are not answered by a committee
  • Monitor postal boxes, forwarding mail as appropriate


  • Plan special meetings with stakeholders

Journal & Annual Report

This should be delegated to a working group or committee

  • Coordinate articles, papers, case study collection
  • Finalise document, spread through our channels
  • Engage with peer-review community
  • Publish FOSS4G proceedings
  • Printing for event handouts/outreach
  • Publish Annual Reports from community/projects/sponsors

Sponsorship & Fundraising

  • Follow up with existing sponsors to keep them engaged and renewing.
  • Track sponsorship renewal processes, invoice, follow up, book keeping, etc.
  • Visit sponsors and talk through challenges, needs and ideas they have.
  • Track changes in sponsor contacts.