Fundraising Committee Motion

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I, Frank Warmerdam, move that a Fundraising Committee be formed to manage the development of a sponsorship program, solication of sponsorships, and pursue of other fundraising efforts.

The initial committee will include:

  • Frank Warmerdam (Chair)
  • Ed McNierney
  • Gary Lang

The Fundraising Committee has responsibilities to

  • Preparing and recommending a sponsorship program to the board.
  • Soliciting sponsorship for organizations.
  • Proposing and pursuing other fundraising options.
  • Pursue contributions in kind (equipment, manpower).


  • The sponsorship program should be approved by the board before it is advertised, or sponsorships are actively pursued.
  • Other fundraising efforts should be approved by the board before they are pursued.
  • The commitee should add and remove members as deemed appropriate.
  • The chair of the committee will be deemed an officer of the corporation (VP Fundraising), requiring board authorization for a new chair.