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Here is the proposed table of contents. You can track the evolution of the chapters 
at this page. Please, update this page when doing  any substantial changes to your chapter(s).
Note: The titles of the chapters aim to be descriptive, but the translation might not be too 
accurate or suitable for a chapter title. Feel free to change them.

Introductions to each part are supossed to be written at the end of the writing process by all authors who have participated in that part.

The status of each chapter is described using the following coding scheme

  • 0: Not assigned. If you want to be the main author, you are free to do it.
  • 1: Assigned, but the author hasn't done any work yet... and is not likely to do it in the short term. If you want to take this chapter, ask the author to let you take his place of co-author it.
  • 2: Assigned, but not started yet. However, the author has expressed his will to start working on it soon.
  • 3: Assigned and started.
  • 4: Almost finished. All the important things have been already written and the chapter is only missing figures or small sections
  • 5: Finished, but not yet reviewed
  • 6: Finished and internally reviewed.
  • 7: Internally and externally reviewed. Camera-ready version

Part I. Introduction

This part is a bit special, since it has only "reserved" chapters. The idea is to have these chapters written by relevant people in the GIS scene, not by "average"(not meant to be despective...) authors

At the spanish PSC, we thought about asking Tyler Mitchell to write the prologue and Angel Felicisimo to write the chapter "Geographical Information systems", which should include an overview of the past, present and future of GIS. In case you do not know him, Angel is one of the pioneers of GIS in Spain, and has been working really actively since a long time ago. One of his papers made its way to the cover of Science journal, and (AFAIK) was one of the first GIS-related papers to be featured in the cover of the journal. He is a friend of mine and I think he will be pleased to write that introduction (but I havent asked him yet...;-) ). However, suggestions for other invited authors are more than welcome.

Chapter Status
Prologue N/A
Geographical Information Systems N/A

Part II. Fundamentals of GIS

Chapter Status
History of GIS 4
Definitions and basic concepts 2
Fundamentals of cartography 2
Coordinate Reference Systems 2

Part III. Data

Chapter Status
Introduction N/A
Conceptual, representation and storage models for spatial data. 4
Spatial data handling architectures 2
Spatial data sources 3
Spatial data standards 2
Metadata 0
Spatial Data Infrastructures 2
The quality of spatial data 2
Remote spatial data services 2

Part IV. Technology

Chapter Status
Introduction N/A
Desktop tools 2
Data repositories 2
Remote servers and clients 2
Other components 2
An overview of the current GIS market 3

Part V. Processes

Chapter Status
Introduction 5
Fundamentals of spatial data analysis 5
Queries and database operations 4
Spatial statistics 4
Creation of raster layers 4
Map algebra 5
Geomorphometry 5
Costs, distances and influence areas 4
Image processing 4
Advanced spatial statistics 3
Creation of vector layers 3
Geometric operations with vector layers 4
Time series analysis in GIS 1
Remote processing services 1

Part VI. Cartographic design

This chapter has'nt been defined yet, so it is at stage 0. however, it will be defined during the spanish meeting of authors, and some people have show interest in participanting. Also, we have a very good book about cartographic design, that was donated by it author to be used in our book, so part of the work is already done.

Part VII. Applications

Chapter Status
GIS in ecology 1
GIS in social sciences 1
GIS in risk analysis 1
GIS in environmental management 1