GRASS GIS Report 2009

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GRASS GIS Report 2009

Key Accomplishments

* the top 5-10 key items that the project or PSC accomplished this period

  • Several GRASS 6.4.0 release candidates published which includes the new graphical user interface, native MS-Windows support new functionality and many fixes and improvements
  • New winGRASS 6.4.0RCsvn stand-alone package
  • Google Summer of Code 2009 participation with two projects
  • Start of GRASS 7 development with many new features

Participation in conferences

Areas for Improvement

  • any weaknesses in process, software, management, etc. that you plan to address or recognise need some help
  • develop migration guides for public administration
  • develop a sponsorship program

Opportunities to Help

  • list areas that could use some help from members and readers of the report

Outlook for 2010

  • this is the motivational part that is meant to inspire readers to keep their eyes open for great stuff in 2009 :)