GRASS GIS Report 2012

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- DRAFT, please expand

Key Accomplishments

Pietro Zambelli : Python high level map interaction for GRASS GIS
Eric Momsen: Image Segmentation in GRASS GIS
Stepan Turek: GRASS GIS WxGui front end for vector analysis modules
  • Many improvements in GRASS GIS 7 development version, see new features

Participation in conferences

Education and Research

Areas for Improvement

Opportunities to Help

  • Developers, power users providing support to newcomers, translators, documentation editors and others who would like to help are always welcome,

see more details on how to get involved

  • Help in preparing more marketing material: update flyers and poster in different languages

Outlook for 2013

  • Release of GRASS GIS 6.4.3
  • Continue improvements in GRASS GIS 7.0, technology preview release planned
  • Organize GRASS GIS Community Sprints
  • Participation at FOSS4G and other conferences
  • Participation in Google Summer of Code