GSoC 2009 gvSIG WMST-C Weekly Report 20090529

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Dear All,

I am Xi Chen working on the WMST-C support in gvSIG project. Recently I was busy on two algorithm contests, and lab paper writing. I was a little multi-task. So Dear Administrators here like Wolf and etc., please beg your excuse for my so late report.

Just on my way, here is my first week report:


  1. Read the documents and papers to get familar with correlative OpenGIS Standard.
  2. Explored some prototype like OSM tiles and Spanish Ortophoto tiling server provided by my mentor Luis.
  3. I used Eclipse as the development environment and checked out the source code of gvSIG by Subversion from our SVN server.


  1. Look through gvSIG codes.
  2. Investigate how to intergrate WMST-C support in gvSIG.
  3. Continuously survey on how the WMST server runs and how the client cooperates.


Because of the narrow bandwidth from Spain to China, partial codes of gvSIG are hard to check out. It always halts on half way of transfering. Does anyone can settle this problem? Please give me a hand.:D

Best Regards,


Jun 1st, 2009