GSoC 2009 gvSIG WMST-C Weekly Report 20090605

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Dear All,

Here is my 2nd week report of GSoC 2009 project gvSIG WMST-C:


  1. Read the ducuments of gvSIG desktop application and the developer guide manual.
  2. Succeeded in building up testing environment and checked out all the necessary source code of gvSIG by Subversion from our SVN server.
  3. Familiarized with the methodology of gvSIG development and implemented some simple extensions.


  1. Continue to explore the architecture of gvSIG desktop.
  2. Implement some complex libs, exts and plugins.
  3. Continuously survey on how the WMST server runs and how the client cooperates.


The majority of the detailed API manual is written by Spanish, as well as some annotations of reference projects. The inter-language traslation is currently the biggest challange for me. Sometimes there are limited references for me to research my subject. So I think I should pay more time on communicating with my mentor in the future.

Best Regards,


Jun 5st, 2009