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This is the home page for "Open Sources", the OSGeo column in GeoConnexion magazine which mpg edited from 2007 to 2009.

  • (1) introductory column (Michael P. Gerlek)
    • published May 2007 PDF
  • (2) ossimPlanet (Mark Lucas)
    • published June 2007 PDF
  • (3) BigTIFF (Frank Warmerdam)
    • published July/August 2007 PDF
  • (4) TOPP/GeoServer (Chris Holmes)
    • published September 2007 PDF
  • (5) "The Gift Economy Ain't Free: Getting Help with Open Source Software" (Howard Butler and Chris Schmidt)
    • published, October (or November?) 2007 PDF
  • (6) OpenLayers + TileCache (Schuyler Erle)
    • published, December 2007/January 2008 PDF
  • (9) MapServer (Steve Lime)
    • published, April 2008 PDF
  • (10) GeoNetwork (Jeroen Ticheler)
    • published, May 2008 PDF
  • (11) Public GeoData (Jo Walsh)
    • published, June 2008 PDF
  • (12) deegree and Spatial Data Infrastructues using FOSS (Markus Lupp and Jens Fitzke)
    • published, July/August 2008 PDF
  • (13) "MapWindow GIS: Developer Tools for the .NET Platform" (Daniel P. Ames)
    • published, September 2008 PDF
  • (14) "GeoDjango: A synergy of python, geospatial, and the web" (Dane Springmeyer)
    • published, October 2008 PDF
  • (15) "OpenLayers: bringing maps to the web with JavaScript" (Chris Schmidt)
    • published, November 2008 PDF
  • (16) "Open - for Business" (Paul Ramsey)
    • published, Dec 2008 / Jan 2009 PDF
  • (17) (Standards and Open Source) (OGC Staff)
    • published, Feb 2009 PDF
  • (18) "Obama Campaign Mapping Voters with MapServer, PostGIS, and OpenLayers" (Karsten Vennemann)
    • published, Mar 2009 PDF
  • (19) "FOSS4G 2009 Preview" (Cameron Shorter)
    • published, Apr 2009 PDF
  • (20) "Open File Formats" (Landon Blake)
    • published, May 2009 PDF
  • (21) "Open Source and Archeology" (Joanne Cook)
    • published, June 2009 PDF
  • (22) "The Toronto Code Sprint" (Michael P. Gerlek)
    • published, July/August 2009 PDF
  • (23) "OpenGeoBI: Spatially Enabling the Business Intelligence Suite" (Fabio D'Ovidio)
    • published, October 2009 PDF
  • (24) "Marine Map" (Tim Welch)
    • published, November 2009 PDF
  • (25) "Open Source is Everywhere, and it’s Here to Stay" (Michael P. Gerlek)
    • , December 2009 / January 2010 PDF


Our agreement with GeoConnexions (original editor Jeff Thurston, later editor Roger Longhorn) was the following:

  • Content - My policy is to support expression. Someone writes it, I'll support it. I only edit for spelling, grammar and what I consider to be outright libelous. The writer should stand behind their expression. As I mentioned earlier, I am not a programmer. I need your help to peer review programming content (which is why the 'contact point' ) will work well. Ultimately everything in the column will reflect on OSGeo. It's your column, you choose the content. Our Media Pack describes Themes for issues by edition throughout the year. I use these as a guideline.
  • Reprint - I am a supporter of the creator maintaining all rights. Whomever submits material owns it as far as I am concerned. All I ask is that we have first right to print (we compete on the basis originality). Once printed, you may do whatever you wish with the material, you own it. We usually archive it online and columns are available for distribution online. Since hardcopy prints are a fixed cost, they can be purchased if anyone wants a few hundred. I don't know the cost, a marketing person can help if needed. Our Media Pack is here.