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GeoEvenement 2007

Proposing Participation at an Event

What the event is

see (Fr) for more information.

Geoevenement is the french geomatics tradeshows. If offers booth, thematics conferences and Birds of a feather. This years, more than 35 companies will get a booth whose 10 from opensource community ! Camptocamp, Waynasoft, Makine Corpus, ...

The conference thematics are:

  • 1 million gps sent in France in 2006: what does it mean?
  • From spatial data insfrastructure to geoportail: process and issues.
  • How use GIS tools with modelisation and simulation tools?
  • Geographic information handle by urbanism.
  • To a new parcel referentiel?
  • How does we can appropiate opensource technologies?

Where and when

The GeoEvenement tradeshow will take place in Paris, from 3th to 5th Arpril 2007

How will our participation helps OSGeo

The main purpose of this event is to give informations about OSGeo's missions and project, and about future francophone local chapter.

  • About OSGeo:
    • spread the Open Source message in general
    • promote OsGeo projects
    • explain OSGeo missions,
    • ...
  • About francophone local chapter:
    • information about the local chapter creation, where we are in the creation process, what we need to do next, what kind of help we need, ...
    • meet people interesting in contributing in a BoF,
    • ...

What funding

We estimate the budget of the booth between 1500 and 2000$, depending on the budget asked by the Open Source village organizer.

What we need:

  • paying booth fees
  • brochure about OSGeo
  • brochure about projects
  • poster (?)
  • T-shirt (?)
  • Information about OSGeo structure and organisation (to be writing in the francophone local chapter wiki)
  • ...


This part will be fill as soon as sponsorship will be accepted by Viscom. The OSGeo booth will take place in the opensource village which will gather more than 7 french opensource companies.

Find other volunteers to help out

Volunteers :

  • Yves Jacolin
  • Marie Silvestre
  • Hervé Halbout
  • Thomas Gratier
  • Vincent Picavet
  • François Van der Biest

What opportunities for speakers are available

We plan to do:

  • conference: the 5th of april, in the morning
  • Open Source Village will propose some conference, two will be about OSGeo (fondation and LC for the firts, and Projects for the second)
  • panels and booth in the opensource village.
  • bof: the 4th of april, 14h00 in the GéoCafé

BOF/interest group session

  • bof will take place the 4th of april at 14h00 in the GeoCafé.
  • topic:
    • Place of the francophone LC in the french geomatics community
    • How does fr LC can be organized?
    • What can be the place ofr companies inside the fr LC?
    • ...
  • Off meetings at the end of the tradeshow, time will be publish during the tradseshow.

After the Event



OSGeo was present at the Géoévénement tradeshow with a booth inside an Open Source Village. A "big poster" was created as well as some brochure in french to present OSGeo Fundation and a short description for each project. The booth was in a great place (close to the main entry). On three days, we can meet more than 30 people and chat with them about OSGeo, projects, ...


  • What is OSGeo?
  • Is OSGeo different than AFIGEO?
  • What is the difference between OSGeo and OGC?
  • Does I am to paid something or subscribe to be an OSGeo member?
  • How can I contribute?
    • How can I find what are the needs?
    • Where can I read the process to contribute?
    • Who can be contacted?
  • Have you got some proejcts demonstration on Live-CD or anywhere?
  • Have you got any example for projects?
    • Example about contribution?
    • Example about funding projects?
  • What is the equivalent of MapInfo/"Cartes et Bases" in Open Source?
  • Do you think you will create an annuary about project with a comparison for each?
  • Does it exist a simple tools to create a WMS webService?
  • Does OSGeo propose some formation?
  • Does OSGeo fund some external projects?



This meeting took place at the GéoCafé (an open central place in the tradeshow) on the wednesday 4th of april at 14h00. About 20 people participated. The content was :

  • OSGeo Présentation
  • Presentation of Local Chapter and the Francophone one.
  • Some topic to discuss
    • How can we organize ourself? : Organisation, election, ...
    • Which place can take the francophone Chapter? Contact some association which are some commun missions (join, organize, structuration, ...)
  • Launch the debate


  • How companies can take place inside the francophone local chapter:
    • companies have the same place than inside OSGeo (sponsor), members are only physical member.
  • Creation of a webring : definition, webRing Association
  • How to know the interest of people for the francophone local chapter?
    • Write a poll (in french) for contributor and user
    • A first poll (and quickle) has been done : 7 people are just user, 6 are contributor (possibility to be an user AND a contributor ;-), 3 potentials contributors about the "spatial data", 7 about 'FOSS' and 4 about 'free association' (this 3 themes are the 3 mains missions defined by Francophone mailing list).
  • About spatial data, how host data? Where? how? Do we need to set up a data catalog?
  • How can organize election? proposition about the process:
    • creation of an email adress manage by someone whom is not link to the francophone local chapter
    • voting
    • publish the result
  • Others:
    • The poll could allow to create a todo list for each missions, upon contributors/users.
    • The organisation of the francophone local chapter: president/commitee manager/project manager if needed.


Conferences on Open Source thematic were a great success. People asked a lot of questions as we could see it at the booth: OSGeo presentation - organisation, incubation process, funding, ...- projects presentation - comparations, demonstration, ...

Conferences were :

  1. . Rising of a FOSS industrial ecosystem - David Jonglez, Camptocamp France SAS et François Badet, WaynaSoft
  2. . OSGeo: why a francophone local chapter is important? - Yves Jacolin, Géorezo et Gwenael Bachelot, Autodesk
  3. . Free GIS: freeness for reachness? - Nicolas Klein, SI17
  4. . Some element to compare 3 FOSS - Olivier Ertz, Erwan Bocher, Nicolas Ribot et Yves Jacolin
  5. . Development of an Information System for water (SGBD - SIG) in the Charente - Harold Rethoret, EPTB Charente

Others conferences took place in the Open Source village:

  1. L'OSGeo et son rôle moteur pour la géomatique libre - OSGeo - Yves Jacolin
  2. Free licence - Pour y voir plus clair dans les licences libres. Licences de logiciels, licences de données, quels sont leurs points communs, leurs différences. GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT, Apache, Art Libre, GFDL, Creative Commons, se retrouver dans cette jungle - Makina Corpus
  3. Free Spatial Data - état de l'art - OSGeo - David JONGLEZ
  4. OpenStreetMap- État d'avancement du projet, fonctionnement... - Makina Corpus
  5. Présentation des données WMS Géosignal - Géosignal - Guillaume SUEUR
  6. Une plateforme de production de données OpenSource avec postGIS - Géosignal - Guillaume SUEUR
  7. Gestion des métadonnées avec MDWEB - Geomatys - Vincent HEURTEAUX
  8. Gestion des métadonnées avec Geonetwork et GeoSource - Camptocamp - Mathieu COUDERT
  9. Solutions pour collectivités territoriales : atlas socio-économique et gestion du foncier (eAtlas - eFoncier) - Géosignal - Bernard Martin
  10. Geoserver et infrastructures de données spatiales - Geomatys - Vincent HEURTEAUX
  11. Votre Geoportail Open Source - retour d'expériences : Grisi Pyrénées et Office International de l'Eau - Camptocamp - Mathieu COUDERT
  12. Presentation of FOSS in geomatics - OSGeo - Yves JACOLIN
  13. WebMapper - client léger WMS/WFS en technologie AJAX - WaynaSoft
  14. Les SIG libres sont-ils prêts pour le Web 2.0 ? (les solutions libres SIG actuelles sont-elles vraiment adaptées à du SIG collaboratif ? ) - Makina orpus
  15. Mise en oeuvre et utilisation de logiciels OpenSource dans le déploiement d'un serveur cartographique - Géosignal - Guillaume SUEUR
  16. OpenLayers - Une API Javascript ouverte et puissante - Camptocamp - Pierre GIRAUD
  17. MapMaker, éditeur de fichiers .map pour MapServer - Géosignal - Guillaume SUEUR
  18. CartoWeb - un framework de développement PhP pour MapServer - Camptocamp - Pierre GIRAUD
  19. Un SIG libre veut-il dire un SIG accessible par tous ? (limites actuelles de la mise en oeuvre de SIG libres si les compétences n'existent pas et s'il n'y a pas un minimum de règles de conception et de gestion du SIG) - Makina Corpus
  20. Le système d'information géographique partagé au service des exigences métiers : retours d'expérience - Atol CD
  21. Offre support logiciel libre - Cap Gemini - Laurent DORMAL
  22. Serveur cartographique mutualiste PPIGE - Géosignal - Bernard Martin et Jean-Marc Gasperi (Responsable projet EPF)
  23. POTIMART - une plate forme de gestion des transports multi-modaux pour PhP - Dryade - Christophe DUQUESNE et Camptocamp - David JONGLEZ
  24. CNASEA - retour d'expérience - Cap Gemini - Sylvain BARBIER et Camptocamp - Nicolas RIBOT
  25. Etude du CNES : de l'intégration des normes dans les SGBDR Spatiaux - Camptocamp - Nicolas RIBOT
  26. GeoAPI - Geomatys - Vincent HEURTEAUX
  27. Normes dans le domaine des transports et intégration dans l'Open Source - Dryade - Christophe DUQUESNE
  28. Java JEE et Geoinformatique open source - Geomatys - Vincent HEURTEAUX
  29. GAS un générateur d'application Web - Camptocamp - Nicolas RIBOT
  30. Simulation 3D avec OpenMap - Cap Gemini - Laurent DORMAL
  31. Panorama des SIG bureautique - Camptocamp - Nicolas RIBOT
  32. La cohabitation SIG propriétaire et SIG libre chez les utilisateurs - Intérêts, possibilités techniques, pbs, limites - Makina Corpus
  33. Retours d'expériences dans le domaine des transports - Dryade - Christophe DUQUESNE
  34. Mozilla comme framework géographique (développer des applications géographiques avec les technologies Mozilla) - 3Liz SARL - René-Luc D'HONT



ExpensesEuros without VATEuros incl VAT
Booth1 5001 794
Expenses linked to booth (power, cleaning, ...)406.73486.45
Support for Poster (New : 150 euros without VAT - estimaed value of a support, from Autodesk France stock)95113.62
Printing of 600 flyers (on internal printers Autodesk France)00
T Shirts OSGeo - sent by LizardTech, on OSGeo stock00
Total2 101.732 513.67


FundingEuros without VATEuros incl VAT
Autodesk Inc. (1500 $ - Exch rate at 0.73 euros/dollar)1 0951 309.62
Autodesk France (booth cleaning, power, totem, support for totem and printing)506.73606.05
Total crédit2 101.732 513.67


The Open Source village was a great success. The OSGeo booth welcomed a lot of people, which allowed:

  • to promote OSGeo and its missions, which was the main missions.
  • to get some informations about the geomatic community and its needs for translation, demonstration, ...

Conferences tried to explain what is the OSGeo, why we need it, why we need to create a francophone local chapter, etc. The success of the conferences (tradeshow and village conferences) showed the interest about publish and share informations about this technologies.

Some photo-souvenirs:

Media talk about it

Here some link from media:

The futur

Now the tradeshow is closed, we think that it is important to write the needs and missions for the next tradeshow where OSGeo could be present, for instance:

  • prepare some demo CD -Live, install, ... to share on a booth
  • write/translate some brochure for each projects
  • create one or more posters
  • ...

The Open Source village could be manage by the francophone Local Chapter (if existing). This allow to promote OSGeo and francophone local chapter and to make a good marketing action for companies.